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Geoarcheologia - Antonia Arnoldus-Huyzendveld




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the Tiber flood (video)

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List of publications by
 Antonia Arnoldus-Huyzendveld


Fysisch Geografen Lulofs, Physical Geography, University of Amsterdam
Info on the Lulofs Alumni Meeting 2008

a book to read: 

The Seven Hills of Rome: A Geological Tour of the Eternal City, 2005 
Grant Heiken, Renato Funiciello and Donatella De Rita, Princeton University Press 

books in the field of geoarchaeology 



The entrance to Portus on Google Maps Street View
(unfortunately we cannot go in this way...)

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Geoarchaeology is Archaeology using the techniques and methods of Earth Sciences

Trajanic Harbour

Earth Sciences for Archaeology

Digiter offers services for archaeology, based upon the application of geological sciences (geoarchaeology).

Digiter, founded in 1987, proposes a wide spectrum of preliminary studies, consultancies at the excavations and prospection techniques, all aimed at the study and conservation of the archaeological heritage:




Digiter S.r.l.
Earth Sciences for Archaeology
Rocca di Papa (Rome) Italy
Earth Sciences for Archaeology
Rocca di Papa (Rome) Italy
Responsable: Dr. Antonia Arnoldus-Huyzendveld,
specialist in geoarchaeology and soil mapping

If you are interested to contact us, please send your name and e-mail address to:


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Case studies


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